Getting Started in Business Seminar // 7th FEBRUARY 2019

Start to focus on those first initial steps of setting up a business. From Tax, Bookkeeping and accounts through to starting to figure out your own visual branding - this Seminar is perfect for those just starting out.


Marketing Online // 7th MARCH 2019

An introduction into different online marketing platforms + techniques you can explore when starting out your business. Dive into the world of paid + organic Social media & creating the ultimate webinar funnel.


Branding & your Business Statement // 28th MARCH 2019

What it is it that you want your business brand to 'say'? Exploring different elements of branding we will get you to put your thinking caps on and start brainstorming! Learn how to write your own 'Elevator Pitch' and mission statement.


It's Money Timmme // 2nd MAY 2019

Come along for a night full of valuable information about tax planning, tracking figures, choosing the right financial products for your business, bookkeeping tips & tricks and so much more!


What Exactly is Marketing? // 6th JUNE 2019

This Interactive workshop will take you step by step through the process of creating a marketing plan. Through discussions and exercises we’ll help you form the framework of your marketing strategy and plan for the year.


Let's get down to Business // 4th JULY 2019

So you're amazing at what you do and the services/products you supply! But this doesn’t mean you studied how to run a business. Time to get some INVALUABLE advice that will lead to more money, time and a smoother business overall.


Connecting through Social Media // 1st AUGUST 2019

An introduction to the main platforms in Social Media and the benefits of using these for your business. Learn how to prepare a basic social media plan and also look into the language you use and some prompts to increase engagement through your copy.


Unwrapping Packaging // 5th SEPTEMBER 2019

We will be exploring the topic of design & check out the latest samples from our local label printer - looking at 4 key industry sectors, as well as chat through some of legal requirements related to packaging.


Do the words your Business use matter? // 3rd OCTOBER 2019

Every time a potential customer or client reads about you is an opportunity to connect and convert. Find out how to make the most of what people are reading about you with this workshop.


What is Organic SEO? // 7th NOVEMBER 2019

Anyone with a website can greatly benefit from understanding organic SEO. This is the phrase used to describe processes to obtain a natural placement in google. Learn basic tips and tricks that you can implement yourself.

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