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Business Card Redesign: Is it worth it?

Business cards are the cheapest bang-for-buck marketing item small businesses can use. They are the lowest priced item per enquiry available. At 1000 business cards it will cost you $180+ gst. Each card costs you 18c and can lead to a sale or even a referal partner that will bring more than just one sale.


Imagine what that 18 cents could lead to? So is it worth your card looking good, communicating clearly and representing the essance of who you are????


Its not unusual for businesses to warp as time goes on. We become a litle clearer on who we are, what we represent and what makes us valuable. As this clarity comes it pays to update your visual branding and business cards especially (especially as these can lead to so much)


Useful tip: Stick your card on notice boards and under windscreens in your local area.
Useful tip: Always give 2 cards to people, imagine if they gave the spare to another person (well worth the extra 6 cents)
Useful tip: You may not be there to introduce yourself when your card is handed out, imagine its the introduction and handshake. Does it clearly explain your services and value


See design before/after makeovers here

What should you include and exclude on your card?


Business cards are also the last impression that you leave with people and you want your cards to leave a lasting impression.