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Business cards are the cheapest bang-for-buck marketing item small businesses can use. They are the lowest priced item per enquiry available.


Business cards are also the last impression that you leave with people and you want your cards to leave a lasting impression. Your business card needs to actually work for you, it's not just something to be excited about.


Basic principles for effective business cards:
  1. Never hand out one, always hand out two at a time. Ask them to hand one onto a friend when they ask who did it for them.
  2. Get one thousand cards at a time. The difference in price from 250 to 1000 is usually $40.
  3. Treat business cards like you won’t be there to introduce yourself. You might not have a chance to explain everything you do because you don’t want to hock yourself on first introductions. Make sure you have the details you need to convey everything important on your card.
  4. Include all the things you want to be known for. The person you’re giving your card to may pass it onto a friend, referring you. You may not always be there to introduce yourself or the service you offer.
  5. Make sure the look and feel of your card will resonate with your customers, giving them an impression of what they should expect to pay for your service and the quality of your service. Don’t be afraid of putting out cheap stuff or expensive stuff as long as it matches with your price, service quality and customers’ needs. Take the mower card below for example, this was created to give an impression that the services were no frills and the prices affordable. We didn’t want it to look swanky as that would send an impression that the service was expensive. This client received a very high call-through rate using this business card. It was a great success!
  6. List your services and/or products so people can work out what you do, especially if your name doesn’t explain what you do!
  7. Make an offer, but make it hard-hitting. A free gift or 2 for 1 is a strong offer. 20% off is a weak offer. Just asking them to call you is NOT a call to action! Remember your customers will only hold onto your card if it’s worthwhile to them.
  8. Keep your logo clean and simple.
  9. Don't use Vista print templates! When you use a product like Vista Print business cards they feel thin and limp, like Crazy Clarks business cards. There is also the problem that someone else is walking around with the same design as you. Worst case scenario, that someone has much lower standards that you and is leaving a trail of unhappy customers. What do you think happens when they see your card? They think you are the same business or affiliated and you get tarred with the same brush! A good quality business card says that you will provide good quality services and that you are invested in your business.
  10. Remember... a phone number alone will NOT sell your services!