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Recent Client Experience: The Decisive Point


About The Decisive Point

The Decisive Point specialises in business and operational strategy development and are experts in strategic business plans made simple.


Brendan Maxwell, Founding Director of The Decisive Point, came to Gold Coast Graphic Design with his business vision.  He worked with Jordon and the Team to build his ideas into a visual brand with effective marketing materials that all speak directly to his military audience, while not isolating broader audiences.


How we helped

We helped bring the underlying meaning of the business name and theme to life within the logo, branding and marketing material.


What Brendan thought about his experience

Brendan found the whole experience to be ‘transformational!’  Not only for his brand but also for himself.  He’d expected to be challenged by the process, particularly about handing over his baby, but he didn’t expect to form such an enduring and trusting bond with Jordon and the team. 


“I had high expectations.  It was a significant investment for me, within a limited budget.  I was looking for best-bang-for-buck for a professional service. I got much more than that! Jordon embraced my backstory and delivered far beyond my expectations.  I found them so professional and I built a strong repour with Jordon who is very creative and an open and honest communicator.  I enjoyed the whole process as there is plenty of regular feedback and they weren’t backward in coming forward if they didn’t feel we were meeting my vision.

I’ve had phenomenal feedback from my target audience. It’s exactly what I’d hope for.  The branding is a true extension of my personal brand and it’s very distinctive.  Many people comment that it is very different from anything else they’ve seen and they love it. 

Overall, the whole process challenged me to become rather clinical about my target audience and what I want to communicate.  It also taught me to trust others and allow them to share in my journey.  I now have an enduring support team – I feel apart of the GCGD family and I look forward to a long relation with Jordon and the rest of the team.”


Brendan has seen how investing in his business branding, right at the start, will save him re-branding nightmares in the future.  “My business branding will be on-point for many years to come”.

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