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Put These Tasks on Your To-Do List this Month

Put These Tasks on Your To-Do List this Month

Marketing is a very broad area of business management and while it has many different components to consider, small businesses generally don’t have different departments to handle each of them.  We help our clients to pull together marketing collateral that give them the best bang-for-marketing-buck, while considering their broader marketing perspective.



Touch base with your accountant and double check your figures for the financial year to date. See if you have any liquid funds that you could be utilising better: sometimes spending money can result in a better tax return than saving it. You can also choose to invest money in strategies that will make you money for months to come. Consider allocating extra funds to your marketing budget.



Marketing strategies should rarely stay the same throughout the year. As your customers’ lives change throughout the year – clothing, food and entertainment choices – so should your marketing in order to stay relevant to them. As the weather gets colder, this is a perfect time of year to review and fine tune your marketing plan.



Advertising on other people’s platforms – social media, review sites, newspapers etc. – can be a good short- term option, but it won’t bring in more customers long-term, as it doesn’t tend to gain momentum past your initial spend. One of the best possible marketing investments that you can make is to create a website that generates organic leads for you. If you don’t have a website, look into creating one. If you do have a website, think about ways that you can improve its appearance and discoverability.



Search engine optimisation can mean the difference between a potential customer discovering your website, or finding the competition’s website instead. A website that has been optimised for search engines contains a number of specific words and phrases that people might search on in your area. For example, “best mechanic in Surfers Paradise”. Optimising your site to be found in Google searches gives massive bang-for-buck and if you continue to add new content to your website, traffic can grow exponentially.


Whether finances or marketing, consulting an expert in the field can end up saving you a lot of energy and money. Ensure that the person you talk to has in-depth knowledge of the particular area you need information about. For example, an accountant may not know a lot about current investment opportunities; a website developer might not have expertise in marketing or creation of eye-catching content or social media coordination.


At Gold Coast Graphic Design, we’ve been helping small businesses with marketing plans and strategies, websites, SEO, branding and graphic design for the past 15 years.  Contact us today, if you’re accountant suggest you should invest some money in your business before the end of financial year.  We can review your current marketing and provide recommendation on how to get some real returns on your marketing dollar investment.