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Marketing done different - Stand Out from the Crowd



Jeannie Anderson is an Owner/Partner/Accountant at Mayberry Meldrum & Anderson at Murwillumbah. Jeannie is a great business woman. She's a prolific networker and has built a solid business foundation based on relationships and high quality service.

There are several other accounting firms in the Murwillumbah area and Jeannie wanted to create a brand for her business that helped build recognition and helped them stand out in the local paper. She'd had an ad drafted for her, but in her words, "it was just lots of words and very boring."

Jeannie said, "We're now using Gold Coast Graphic Design for everything, it keeps all of our marketing consistent. Kelly is really top of her game. She loves what she does and it really shows. When I asked her to put an ad together for me she came back with a series of colourful adverts. Kelly said they'd had so much fun designing them that they got carried away!! Now that is the kind of business we love to work with!"

So when Jeannie asked us to produce an ad for her we couldn't help but work on the overall branding as well. All accountants would say they are professional and proactive, so we didn't want to go there. We felt that what people wanted to know was that Jeannie is a 'number nerd' and she loves it. So we made her the 'Number Loving Accountant!' This really worked. As Jeannie mentioned, we had a lot of fun putting her ads together and it ended up being a series so she uses a different ad each week to keep it fresh and interesting (see image below).

Jeannie said "We really love how Kelly kept it professional but a little bit fun. Great balance. It's been amazing how many people have said they love it and can't wait to see what we'll have in the next edition of the newspaper! That is what I call effective!"