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Latest Project: Naked Nutrition

Melek Engel was starting up her nutritious, gourmet food business, Naked Nutrition, when she approached us to help her develop her business branding. She kicked off with our business branding package.

Melek is stoked with the look and feel that we came up with together.

"Stephanie made the whole process easy, she takes the time to listen patiently, even when I take so long to answer emails. I love that she understands that I do lack time, but she always finds a way to get things done on time and beyond expectation. She also understood a lot of my ideas without a lot of detail. We bounced ideas off each other although I don’t know much about media or marketing creatives. I was able to ask for Stephanie’s recommendation and never get steered astray. Everything came out looking like my business is high end!

My business brand is real. I had a vision and it really developed into something that resonates professionally. I’m still surprised when people tell me they follow my business on Instagram. The branding really makes me feel like we are the Louis Vuitton in fitness food! People say to dress for the job you want to have, GCGD dressed my business for what it will become. A major player in the market!!

It's been great working with Stephanie and the GCGD Team. I look forward to what we develop next."

You can connect with Naked Nutrition on Instagram and Facebook.