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Branding a delicious new Chilli Sauce

Tony said "Working with the team at Gold Coast Graphic Design has been fantastic. The overall process has been seamless and they've been able to capture my ideas and thoughts and translate them into wording and designs that are really working". Tony has had 100% uptake of his Love Chilli products into all the IGAs that he's approached and sales are going great guns.

One of the things Tony really loves about working with us is that he's been able to have really honest conversations with our team and that we weren't afraid to turn his initial ideas on their head, but at the same time he felt confident that we were on the right track.

Tony mentioned. "As an entrepreneur I had some strong ideas about the product, but didn't really understand the end process around marketing and consumer targeting. Gold Coast Graphic Design have such depth of experience working with businesses to develop their brands that they were able to come up with completely different ideas but also walk me through why they were the best options. I did have my doubts, but they gave me heaps of confidence along the way. I'm so grateful that I was introduced to Kelly and the Team."

We're now working on flyers and shelf wobblers for Tony to roll out a bit of an education process to his audience as it is such a unique product. Tony is also starting to think about the next product lines and we're looking forward to working with him on these as well.


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