Latest Project: Free to Bounce

A corporate education and professional development business on the Gold Coast.  

Holli came to us, earlier this year, needing a few bits and pieces for her marketing material.  Holly was in a similar situation to many of our other clients, she's confident and great at the services she provides for her customers, but she was a little unsure of what would work best for their marketing collateral.  We worked with Holly to come up with a plan of attack to streamline her marketing products and drop out the products that were surplus to her needs.  We looked over everything from their website, email signatures, flyers and merchandise and came up with a package to optimised their budget.  

Holly says "I found Gold Coast Graphic Design on Google and was really happy with their service and my experience working with them.  It's such a collaborate community in their office, everyone pitches in to come up with ideas and they were really up-front and honest about what we should drop and how we can better spend our money on solutions that ticked boxes for both short and medium term goals. The overall results are great!  I highly recommend them to other business people.  You don't just get a graphic designer, you get a marketing team!  Thanks to Lindsay and everyone at Gold Coast Graphic Design for your help." 


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