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Bindaree Beef: J.R. McDonald

THE BRIEF: The Chairman is a select product Bindaree reserves as their highest quality marbled grain fed beef. This brand represents the top 1% of grain fed beef graded at Bindaree Beef and judges have recognised this brand as being the very best grain fed beef product on the Australian market. The branding needed to feel prestigious and give off the atmosphere of a Gentleman’s Club. It would be targeted to a high end male consumer group.

Melbourne 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards | Silver (Branded Beef, MSA Graded Beef)
Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show Beef Branding | Gold (Class 1 Lend Lease Grass Fed)


“The Trinity” A tribute to the three main hallmarks that make Bindaree Beef what it is today. Pride, Passion and Flavour. Producing beef is an art form, and the McDonald Family have developed it over the generations with the pioneering vision of JR McDonald currently leading the way.

“The Trinity” embraces the finest pasture fed, free-range marbled MSA beef from exclusive New England high country cattlemen. These are the best free range cattle. “The Trinity” radiates layers of flavour that encompass the clover and rye grass pastures with a sweet delicate tenderness. A truly stylish, elegant dining experience.