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How your branding story is important in making you memorable


The difference between average and good branding

Branding, done well, creates a memorable, visual story.


Take the two orange juice brands - Orchy and Nudie. One has a very generic story and one has a very unique story.


Nudie’s unique selling proposition:


“Here at Nudie, our ambition is to nudify the world. Our purpose is to provide drinks made with the best ingredients on the planet and do all we can to deliver a product that is far superior to what is on offer.

We have learnt to keep it simple, trust our insights and value who we are. Most importantly we aim to have some fun, and do some good.”


Nudie’s branding messages and products:

· Creators of good

· No nasties

· Nothing but oranges

· Nothing but apples


You get the gist.


Orchy’s unique selling proposition, on the other, is:


“The First Australian Chilled Orange Juice”.


Which one do you think is more attractive and memorable?


Have you thought about your overall branding and marketing?

Most people set out to get a logo and business cards to set them up for marketing, maybe a website as well. But often they don’t consider their whole branding story. We can certainly do the same, but we would encourage you to think about your overall branding and marketing story and strategy.


  1. – branding is the memorable and visual story. Marketing is how you are going to get your branding out there and get better bang for buck for your marketing dollar.


How are you going to make your business stand out from the crowd?


Let’s say you’re a painter. Marketing your business using branded pens would be pretty useless for a painter – it’s just boring and generic. You think it might market your business but it’s not going to get you the return you’re after.


How about this:

Imagine if this painter marketed his business as the ‘Super Painters’. His messages say things like “We’ll transform your house with our ‘super painting abilities”. All of his team wear superman outfits and his logo is a Superman style image with a paintbrush. Now he has a brand story and he’s standing out. The business story and theme tie together. This is good branding. If there are 10 painting businesses in a street at one time and the ‘Super Painters’ are one, which painting business do you think the locals will remember and choose?


It’s all about the overall branding campaign – the story, the look. Once you have this in place you can look at how you’re going to get your branding out there. We’ll cover ‘how to get the best bang for your marketing dollar’ in next month’s blog post.


In the meantime, if you’d like us to help you with your businesses branding, give us a call on 5598 7196.