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Getting our client on Page #1 of Google within 2 months

We've been working with New Point Recruitment for the past six years as a supplier and we love dealing with them. They are very real, down-to-earth people and all of their recruiters are actually partners in their business, so it's not about 'winning' a placement commission, but more about building long-term relationships and solving client problems. Their clients get quality solutions, with placements that are well-suited and more likely to fit into their work culture and become an integral part of the business over the longer term.

When we first started working with New Point Recruitment, they were a new business startup needing their first website. We asked them "do you just want a website or would you also like to be found on the internet?" This may sound silly, but basically you either want a website you can direct people to yourself (through direct or indirect marketing), or you want to be found via a search engine such as Google. David Wood, Director of New Point Recruitment wanted to be found on Google. He didn't like the sound of cold calling at all!

So we set up a website for them with the right SEO inplace behind the scene. Within two months they were appearing on page one of Google for their keywords and within six months they were in position one, page one of Google and have remained there ever since! As you can imagine, they are very happy with their results and we are proud to have developed this asset for them.

If you are considering getting staff at the moment, here is the 'heads-up' from David, "there are a few shortages on the IT side of things but there are a lot of people returning from the mines looking for work and plenty of people available in the sales and administration areas."

If being found on Google is important to your business drop us a line and we can do a free analysis for you.