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Bindaree Beef: Bindaree Vintage

Bindaree Vintage Beef offers the home chef a restaurant level eating experience. Bindaree Vintage Beef is appropriate for local gourmet restaurants or for the home gourmet chef.

THE BRIEF: The brand needed to evoke a strong hand-crafted experience of flavour. It needed to tell a story of gourmet authenticity through the textures of worn leather and retro-age vintage bindings. It was required to bring to mind well-travelled history. Through this, the brand would then feel warm and comfortable, like an old armchair that will never go out of fashion.

Melbourne 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards | Bronze (Branded Beef, MSA Graded Beef)
Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show Beef Branding | Bronze (Class 1 Lend Lease Grass Fed)