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Appealing to your target audience with flyers

Once you have a better understanding of your target audience and you have a solid brand to appeal to them, the next item you may need is an EFFECTIVE DL FLYER. DL flyers can be extremely effective if your target audience is fairly localised. Our printers also take care of delivery if you need it.


So when we do flyers for our clients we encourage them to think outside the square. Most DL flyers will end up in the bin very quickly. We want to create ideas that encourage people to hold onto the flyers, put them on the fridge or keep them in their bag ready to use. Here are a few of the tips and strategies we suggest:


Have a perforation on the DL which customers can tear off and use as a special offer


Turn the flyer into a magnet, allowing customers to keep your information on their fridge


Attach a small sample of your product or even a small gift (tea bag/sachet/chocolate) to the flyer


Cut slots in your flyer to allow for pens, great idea for a thank you gift!


Add postage paid/reply paid details to the flyer so that potential clients can send the flyer back with their details


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