Moana Restaurant and Bar at Capri - Restaurant Branding DESIGN

Moana Restaurant and Bar at Capri on Via Roma! Celebrity head chef Alex Kaihea and his team will be serving Pacific Rim cuisine. A cuisine of medleys, Pacific Rim cooking combines Pacific Island foods, Asian cooking techniques, California freshness, and a host of other cultural and culinary influences. Moana Restaurant and Bar is open for lunch and dinner every day.

What we created: Spending time researching similar services, products and target audience, we developed a logo and branding that is modern and crisp in design. The aesthetics were important to align with their core values and company messaging. On a marketing level how to best capture the target audience was our mission. After the logo design, then branding we worked closely with Ninetynine to designed all their collateral to promote and continue the message behind their new brand.


Restaurant  Logo Design Gold Coast

Restaurant Logo Design Gold Coast


Restaurant Signage Design Gold Coast

Restaurant Business Card Design


Restaurant  Business Cards Gold Coast

Branding Design


Restaurant  Website Design Gold Coast

Restaurant Graphic Design


Restaurant  Graphic Design Gold Coast

Website Design


Restaurant  Branding Design Gold Coast

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